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Purser (Guide on board)

The Purser - Guide on board

The Purser is navigating personnel, in charge of the services of one Bassac boat.


In cooperation with the operations manager, s/he:

S/he is on board a boat for 20 days and nights per month.

The recruit


Job details

Contract type: Full time permanent
Location: Cần Thơ, Mekong delta
Job type: Navigating personnel
Job level: management
Compensation: fix plus benefits, negotiable according to proven competencies

Operations Manager

This position is already staffed, but we keep an ear out for new talents.
If this jobs meets your expectations, please send us your file.

Operations Manager / Giám Đốc điều hành

The operations manager is in charge of operating the three Bassac boats.


In cooperation with the managing director, s/he:

S/he spends most of the time on board.

The recruit


Job details

Full time permanent
Located in Cần Thơ, Mekong delta
Executive management in Hospitality, F&B, tourism
Compensation: negotiable


In order to apply, please a letter to us and attach a resume and references as available.

We shall reply within the shortest delay.

Looking forward to reading from you,

The TransMékong team.

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