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Home of the Bassac cruises

Home of the Bassac cruises.

Discover the Mekong delta's intense life on the river
while enjoying all the comfort of the last wooden boats.

| TransMékong | Day cruises | Mekong delta | Nine Dragons | A historic Bassac | Courtesy links |

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Cruise the Mekong delta [up]

The Mekong delta - a world of riversfilm

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The Bassac take you into the greener areas of the Mekong delta, overnight on the river and into the middle of the life about the river. They are entirely built of wood in the Mekong delta and according to the local marine traditions, and adapted for discovery cruises, open to outside and offering an immediate contact with the green surrounding of the ship.

Life on boardfilm

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For the imminent departures, we offer you a 20% late booking rebate.1 Call 0292 382 9540 or enquire.

If you already know your dates, see the availabilities: .

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Our excursions team, 9Dragons, takes you on excursions with a meal and visits around Cần Thơ: Khmer theravada pagoda, floating market, or Cần Thơ by night, or even on a grand day out. The sampans can run the medium-range route and navigate and serve by night.

Floating marketsfilm

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A call in Cần Thơ

Activities in Cần Thơ

Make the best of your stay in Cần Thơ: venture towards a remote Khmer sanctuary, eat at a farmer's home, row a skiff in the style of the Mekong delta, and cruise back at sunset, with a snack on a Mystic sampan.

Or have a good time learning to cook a specialty of the Mekong delta, in a comfortable setting with a view on the Mekong, or learn the art of fruit carving with an experienced hand at the art of table decoration.

9Dragons, who are family, put the same efforts in making your time enjoyable as you found with the Bassac and the Mystic sampans.

A meal, a night

We can recommend restaurants and a hotel. All are right on the pier, and you will find there the same attention as on board the Bassac and Mystic sampans.

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Let us take care of you when you are in Cần Thơ: here are some of the better ports of call for the discerning traveler.

from restaurants...

With our double culture, we are happy to be able to offer Vietnamese, but also European quality meals.

the Nam Bộ restaurant

Nam Bộ restaurant

The oldest family restaurant, established in 1998. Vietnamese classic and Mekong delta cuisine, and for the travelers weary of Vietnamese food, western cuisine and espresso.

1 Ngô Quyền, Cần Thơ
0292 382 3908

the Sao Hôm, in the old market hall

Sao Hôm

Right in the middle of the old market hall, facing the river, the Sao Hôm: classic Vietnamese cuisine and Mekong specialties, and also western cuisine and pizza, a must if you have kids.

Nhà lòng chợ cổ, bến Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ
0292 381 5616

Salad with a view from l'Escale


l'Escale, the port of call, our gourmet restaurant on the terrace of the Nam Bộ hotel. Breakfast, coffee, jazz bar, and a breathtaking view.

1 Ngô Quyền, Cần Thơ
0292 381 9139, ask for l'Escale

the new Nam Bộ in the morning light the Nam Bộ Boutique Hôtel

The family's latest venture, the Nam Bộ Boutique Hotel is a tiny 7-suite hotel, focusing on caring hospitality.

1 Ngô Quyền, Cần Thơ
0292 381 9139

Cuisine [up]

[picture] A table is set with Mekong fresh-water prawns on board Bassac II during a cruise

Be it in our restaurants, Sao Hôm and Nam Bộ in Cần Thơ, on the Mystic sampans or on board the Bassac, cuisine is one of our better assets, as we offer meals cooked and baked afresh including the bread and pastry for breakfast. As the Bassac have their own galley, they are very reactive to meet the needs and tastes of your passengers, even in case a surprise cake would be de rigueur.

Rice specialities: nem rế: from rice flour to dishfilm

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BBC chef Rick Stein made the Bassac one of the first stops of his culinary series Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey, broadcast in 2009.

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[picture] Ánh and Rick Stein on a longboat, towards fish pens on the Northern Mekong delta

We are very proud that BBC broadcast Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey, where he goes from Cambodia into Vietnam and the Mekong delta on board the Bassac II. If you are in the UK, you may see episode 1 and episode 2 on the BBC iPlayer. He took TransMékong's Nguyệt Ánh as his personal guide into the markets and into the Mekong delta's specialities.

[picture] Rick Stein eating phở on board the Bassac during the filming of his Far Eastern Odyssey

Several dishes presented in his book, Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey, he discovered on board the Bassac II, where he himself cooked a phở for the TV series. Among the delicacies he wrote about is the shrimp cooked with mango, Ánh's own creation that makes the reputation of our restaurant Sao Hôm in Cần Thơ.

[picture] Denham's TV made breathtaking images of the Bassac

Rick Stein's series are one of the very top cuisine programs in Europe, and we are very proud he chose us among all for his introduction to Vietnamese cuisine.

Rick and his 7-strong Denham Production team boarded the Bassac II towards Vietnam. Episode 1, in Cambodia, ends with the Bassac as a hint of what is coming next, whereas episode 2, in Vietnam, gets into the heart of the Mekong delta on board, with cooking sessions, market visits and the exploration of fisheries.

Who we are [up]

[picture] Thanh, our French-speaking cruise director, and the shipowners on board a Bassac on a Mekong cruise

TransMékong is a family company established in 2003 in Cần Thơ, in the heart of the Mekong delta, by a franco-vietnamese couple. We both had a few years' prior experience managing projects and SMEs and the urge to escape from it all.

Our team is locally recruited and trained, and we learn from the newcomers as much as from the experience we build together. We foster personal development in a happy team, and many on board took part themselves in the construction of the boats.

We are independant and work very well with all the best receptives and agencies in Vietnam.

We originally bought the hull of an existing rice barge, stripped it bare and built Bassac I, with which we learned much about what building and running a cruise boat entails. Since then we designed ourselves and built Bassac II and III and the Mystic sampans according to the same tradition.

The Bassac pioneered cruises in comfort in the Mekong delta, and we strive to deserve remaining the reference in the region.

Thalassa, France's most renowned Magazine of the Seas, set up with us to host a program about the delta.

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[image] Interview set with Thalassa on board the Bassac. In the reflection, the stage, with Laurent Bignolas and Benoit; through the window, Ánh, Capt' Quyền and Lise Blanchet, who all act in the shade to make this happen.

We are very proud that Thalassa, the French TV Magazine of the Seas, invited us to stage to host a program about the Mekong delta.

Lise Blanchet's team, with Laurent Bignolas, came on a visit late October, first on a small shipyard to talk about wooden boat building, then on the fish market of Cần Thơ, with its live fish carrying boats. We shared some of the shipowners' good humour.

Next morning, we were very early with Ánh, Laurent and Benoit on the floating market in Trà Ôn to share a soup. The boat owners live right there and smaller sampans bring all it takes for breakfast. That was an opportunity for a bowl of hủ tiếu and a good chat.

Picture credit: Linh, from Club House, the fixer in Saigon. This is the interview set with Thalassa on board the Bassac. In the reflection, the stage, with Laurent Bignolas and Benoit; through the window, Ánh, Capt' Quyền and Lise Blanchet, who all act in the shade to make this happen.

Contact us [up]

142-144 Hai Bà Trưng
P. Tân An, Q. Ninh Kiều

Phone: +84 (0) 292 382 9540
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Administrative address

Cty TNHH Xuyên Mékong
142-144 Hai Bà Trưng
P. Tân An, Q. Ninh Kiều
TP. Cần Thơ

MST / Tax code 1800503195

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