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Bassac services summary

[picture] Bassac II cruising at Tàm Vu, Cần Thơ, in the Mekong delta

The Bassac offer overnight discovery cruises in charming, authentic river cabin cruisers. See the fact sheets for more information.

life on boardfilm

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Each journey leg includes three meals (L, D, B), one visit on the way and one at the destination, full-board accommodation as twin-share and free drinking water and Vietnamese tea and coffee. Find more about cuisine on board, typical overnight program and inclusions.

Visits on shore: rice specialitiesfilm

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You can book for longer trips by chaining one-night programs. Some longer trips are offered as seat-in-coach. Others require chartering, and it is even possible to reach Cambodia.

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We offer a 20% rebate to passengers boarding within the next 48 hours. Call 0292 382 9540 or get a quote.1

Cuisine [up]

[picture] Shrimps in coconut milk on a table on board a Bassac boat as it is cruising the Mekong

Eating well is mission-critical on a cruise, and on every trip we offer our passengers to discover classic Vietnamese cuisine at noon, delta specialties in the evening and a well-appointed western meal for breakfast.

We offer meals cooked and baked afresh including breakfast's bread and pastry. As the Bassac have their own galley, they are very reactive to meet the needs and tastes of your passengers, even in case a surprise cake is de rigueur.

Rice specialities: nem rế: from rice flour to dishfilm

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BBC chef Rick Stein made the Bassac one of the first stops of his culinary series Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey.

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[picture] Ánh and Rick Stein on a longboat, towards fish pens on the Northern Mekong delta

We are very proud that BBC broadcast Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey, where he goes from Cambodia into Vietnam and the Mekong delta on board the Bassac II. If you are in the UK, you may see episode 1 and episode 2 on the BBC iPlayer. He took TransMékong's Nguyệt Ánh as his personal guide into the markets and into the Mekong delta's specialities.

[picture] Rick Stein eating phở on board the Bassac during the filming of his Far Eastern Odyssey

Several dishes presented in his book, Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey, he discovered on board the Bassac II, where he himself cooked a phở for the TV series. Among the delicacies he wrote about is the shrimp cooked with mango, Ánh's own creation that makes the reputation of our restaurant Sao Hôm in Cần Thơ.

[picture] Denham's TV made breathtaking images of the Bassac

Rick Stein's series are one of the very top cuisine programs in Europe, and we are very proud he chose us among all for his introduction to Vietnamese cuisine.

Rick and his 7-strong Denham Production team boarded the Bassac II towards Vietnam. Episode 1, in Cambodia, ends with the Bassac as a hint of what is coming next, whereas episode 2, in Vietnam, gets into the heart of the Mekong delta on board, with cooking sessions, market visits and the exploration of fisheries.

Typical menus

Lunch Bữa trưa
Shrimps steamed in coconut juice Tôm hấp nước đừa
Fried Calamari Mực chiên giòn
Fish filet with lemongrass Cá kho sả
Vegetables sautéed with garlic Rau xào tỏi
Tender diced beef with onion Bò Lúc Lắc
Steamed rice Cơm trắng
Season fruit Trái cây theo mùa
Dinner Bữa tối
Tomato soup Súp cà chua
Cần Thơ style fried rolls Chả giò rế
Main dish of your choice: 2 Món chính tuỳ chọn: 3
- Seabass filet with passion fruit sauce - Cá chẽm sốt chanh dây
- or Chicken with curry sauce - hoặc Gà sốt cà rỉ
Banana and chocolate french pancake Bánh trắng chuối sô cô la
a selection of bread and croissants baked on board, butter, jams, cheese, ham, eggs, phở, pancakes; with tea, coffee, fruit juices.

Join in on a cruise [up]

[picture] Cruising the Măng Thít river, in the heart of the Mekong delta

See our scheduled trips page for details.

Joining in on a cruise is the simple and cost-effective way to enjoy some time on board and discover the delta for the smaller groups, actually even for single passengers.

The moon phase tomorrow on the Mekong delta You may even join in on a trip departing tomorrow for a discount. Get a quote.
On Wednesday, May 25th, 2022, there will be a waning moon crescent rising at the small hours of the morning.

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[picture] Sunrise on the river as the Bassac is at an anchor on the Mekong

Daily departures

The Bassac operate the overnight route between Cần Thơ and Cái Bè every day, each way, as seat in coach. See the program for Cần Thơ - Cái Bè and Cái Bè - Cần Thơ.

Our daily journeys are now the reference for overnight discovery cruises on the Mekong delta. As all our overnight trips, they depart at noon and end by mid-morning on the next day.

Our trips open for daily departure are classic overnight trips across the Delta over one night, which takes you to visit a village and rice fields, and fruit sampling in the afternoon, and to a floating market or handicraft village in the morning. The itinerary is very green and varied and offers a good insight of life along the Mekong.

Charter a Bassac [up]

[image] Bassac II on a visit at the river frontier between Vietnam and Cambodia

Make your own itinerary

You may charter a Bassac along any route you like: Explore the route you would like to follow on our à la carte programs page before you contact us for help and advice.

Chartering a Bassac is economical even for a modest group, and affords you tremendous freedom. Even to bring kayaks or bicycles along.

The best way to connect with Cambodia is to charter to the frontier: after breakfast on the last day of the cruise, the Bassac rendez-vous with a speed-boat right at the frontier, a mere three hours away from Phnom Penh (customize your trip).

Corporate meetings

The Bassac are perfectly adapted platforms for your corporate or board meetings in small committees:

They feature broad inside spaces allowing the party to isolate from the outside world and concentrate on the issues at hand; a video projector and screen, as well as a flip chart are available on board, and even internet connection about everywhere. The resting areas are ideal for a constructive pause, in the ever-renewed scenery of the Mekong delta, and the galley provides fresh snack and petit fours.

The members committed to the meeting can isolate themselves as the other passengers enjoy the boat and the trip. The party members can thus board along with their spouses and together enjoy the pauses, casual moments and evenings. The warm ambiance of the Bassac and the careful attention of the crew will foster socializing between the participants and provide them with shared memories.

The Bassac can accommodate groups of up to 44 passengers when combining two ships.

[image] Kayaking on a tributary to the Mekong in the middle of the Mekong delta, from the Bassac


The Bassac offer an ideal platform for your smaller incentive groups or for team building through shared activities.

By providing the capacity to bring your group to the heart of the Mekong delta, a varied cuisine and solid logistics, the Bassac allow your animators to freely express themselves.

The Bassac can bring bicycles and even kayaks and serve as a base for discovery or adventure activities or simply for sports.

Typical trip program [up]

[Picture] A small map of the Mekong delta

This is the standard for a one-night trip. Any longer trips can mostly be summarized as chained one-night trips between the ports of call.

At the departure point, on the first day at noon

Day 2

End of services by mid-morning on shore at the destination.

Please note you will leave the Bassac for good upon boarding the small boat for the last visit, typically about 8:30.
The details of the program and the visits may vary depending on logistics or technical constraints.

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  1. We guarantee departure for all bookings except for late booking. We offer a 20% late booking rebate for all bookings within 48 hours of departure, but cannot guarantee availability or departure in case the ship would not have enough passengers. Call 0292 382 9540 or get a quote↩︎

  2. The main dish is served with steamed rice and vegetables. ↩︎

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