80-foot 6-cabins cruiser for sale

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Overnight discovery cruise boat

This boat started our business in 2004. It proved the concept of overnight discovery cruises and kick-started this market in the Mekong delta in Vietnam. It has been exploited successfully with individual passengers and groups since then.

It was built as a load-carrying barge, has been converted right away into a cabin cruiser and has been maintained properly over the years.

See the official page for this boat and some photos.

This boat is in operations and is sold as is, ready to sail.

We put it up for sale because of Covid-19, to alleviate our operations as we do not expect Vietnam to open up for inbound tourists until the end of 2021.

The boat

[Picture] En route near Cù Lao Mây

Built in the hull of a rice transporting barge, it is a snug ship sized right for a family excursion or a group of friends, who will love to appropriate it for the duration of their journey.

Navigates all rivers and inland waters: qualified in Vietnam as a first-class river vessel.

Up to 12 passengers overnight, up to 44 in daytime.

Only 6 crew when in full operation

administrative and technical specs

Ship CT01039
Flag Việt Nam
Class VR-SI river cruiser, 2003
Displacement 115 metric tons
Length overall 80' / 24m
Beam 18' / 5.50m
Draft 5'4" / 1.80m at half-load
Propulsion Caterpillar 6L, 14.6l, 400BHP
Navigation Can operate by night and in bad weather
Autonomy 7 days cruise
Power production 2 x 20kVA
Standard 220V, 50Hz
Availability 24 hours a day
Availability 24 hours a day
Stored water 6 metric tons
Source City water;
  Semi automatic decantation and filtration system with UV lamp
Fire detection Smoke detectors in all cabins
Fire fighting Sprinklers in all cabins
  Redundant pumping system, w/wo electrical power
  Fire hydrants, hoses and lances
  Fire extinguishers, ABC powder and CO2
Floatation devices Longboat, life vests, buoys w/wo lifeline

How to buy

Asking price is $200,000, the boat is sold as is, in operating order, and all documents ready for export.

Contact us at admin@transmekong.com

Potential buyers may visit the boat in Cần Thơ on most days (every day during the Covid crisis). Please make an appointment.

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